5 Must Stopover Locations in Quebec

Quebec is probably Canada`s most favourite and visited province. If you plan on getting the most out of your trip, you should know that Quebec is the biggest province that Canada has to offer. This means that you should plan your trip in advance so you can enjoy all the wonderful things that this region has to offer.

Before booking in advance any type of accommodation or renting a car, you should take care of your passport application. Canada has some rules for foreign visitors and you should go to the Canadian visa office first if you want to find out what additional forms or papers you need to fill out.

After your forms have been approved you can start planning your trip and if you don`t know which places you should visit, here are some locations that are a must if you want to grab the essence of Quebec.

Outaouais is a destination preferred by many people that want to escape the big city, the traffic jams, and the noise. If you are a culture lover, this location is the perfect place for you since you can visit many great museums that will expand your knowledge. Outdoor lovers think Outaouais to be one of Quebec`s major highlights since this location is overwhelmed by forests, mountains; the Ottawa River runs through here, too. If you plan on hiking, sightseeing or taking incredible photos of the Canadian landscapes, prepare for spending some quality time here.

If you want diversity, Montreal should be the next stop in your journey. Montreal is one of the top 5 favourite destinations in Quebec and you can easily understand why. This metropolis is filled with a splendid architecture, from the impressive gothic style of Place d’Armes (found in the old part of the city) to the urban landscapes of the skyscrapers that dominate downtown. You can also check out the nightlife if you are an outgoing person and you can also stop for an intensive session of shopping if you want to leave with some souvenirs.

Quebec City is the capital of the province and a lot of tourists compare it to a typical, European city because of the fact that it is a fortified city. A lot of people go to see the Canadian troops and you might stop by to have a look, too. Quebec City has a lot of museums and you can also enjoy some Canadian traditional food at a local restaurant.

If you want to see a distinct print in the history of Quebec and if you want to understand the region better, the most representative location would have to be Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean. This part of Quebec seems to have preserved its features best, making you enjoy your stay while getting used to the distinct accent that the locals have. While you are here you can also see the fjords on the eastern coast of Canada.

A more remote location would have to be Nunavik. This is a great chance to see the Inuit communities that have been living here for centuries; you can try getting used to the Arctic climate and enjoy some local Inuit dishes.

Quebec does not require ESTA approvals for the tourists. ESTA is a visa waiver scheme that is needed for all overseas travel to the United States and is mandatory for entry into the country