As I mentioned in a recent blog, I am on Round Two of the Tapout XT 90 day program. My first time thru was both a gift and a challenge to myself having just turned 50. Round two is not a solo run.

My buddy is trying Tapout XT for the first time, and we agreed on a recent business trip together that we would hold one another accountable to complete it. Every day we text each other when we’ve completed the day’s workout, this keeps us on calendar. More importantly, we BOTH know that if either of us misses a workout, makes excuses or in anyway fails to ‘man-up’, there will be NO mercy. The teasing, harassment and name calling will commence, and possibly never subside (if you knew my buddy you’d understand!).

So here it is, if you don’t have a COMPELLING reason to stay on track with your program while doing it solo, find someone to do it with you or at least find someone who will keep you accountable.

It makes all the difference in workout consistency and intensity!