As much as a company may want to think of itself as a lush tropical island that no customer can resist going to – it is not. Customers have a roadmap called the Internet that allows them to evaluate a multitude of buying options in just a few clicks.It enables them to do cost comparisons. Importantly, it makes it easy to see what is being said about a company by its customers – good or bad. Reviews and peer recommendations are the true currency of 2012  and they are at the consumer’s fingertips to find.

It’s time to ‘get real’ about the client’s actual experiences, rather than creating imaginary ones to use as bragging points to one another.  It doesn’t matter at all what we say or think about ourselves – it only matters what our customers think.

Tom Peter’s correctly said, “details, details, details make the difference”. Manage the details, focus on things from the client’s view and not your own, and you are on the right track. Screw either of these up, and… well, let’s just say you aren’t the only tropical island vying for visitors. Soon you will not be hearing “Da’ plane boss, da’ plane!” because the plane is now landing on a different island.