It’s Just a Flip of the Calendar Page

With every new year comes the hope of new things. Friends and family make resolutions to change, businesses begin to execute the new strategies in order to meet their new growth goals.

January 1, for many, is a time that holds magical transformational powers.

The truth is, it’s just a new day on the calendar. Many of these bold transformational changes will fail, because January 1 is not magical.We are still the same people today as we were three days ago when it was 2012.

We should continue to dream about better things in the new year, but stop setting ourselves up to fail. Instead of pronouncing bold change in the new year, let’s agree to make change incremental. By breaking down goals into smaller transformational steps we increase the likelihood of making progress.


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Inspiration without action is nothing. But inspired action is everything…

Being inspired by another is a truly special thing, but…

…take action as a result of that inspiration, and you become the inspiration!


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Let it Be!

When will I learn?

For years I have had a personal goal to become a published author. I have started several book concepts, only to have the material languish because I couldn’t summon sufficient inspiration to guide them to completion.

I need to learn this lesson for the final time – we are meant to have the blessings we desire in our lives. The blessings arrive at the time and place of their choosing!

I started this blog-site out of my enthusiasm for having started Tapout XT, and soon began to augment my Tapout blogs with other business and life-observation related material. One month ago, out of the blue and unsolicited, I was approached by a publisher who had read my blog. They asked me to submit material for a sales book they were going to market with. In the blink of an eye, my writing had a new home and I was effortlessly published!

Life has wonderful things in store for all of us, we just have to believe,  work towards our goals and know that the blessings we are due will arrive…at a time and place of their choosing!!

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The Journey Begins Once The Desired Outcome is Decided

“The journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step”, however unless we decide upon where the journey will take us the journey of one thousand miles may become one very large circle.

Imagine you are taking a vacation, using two weeks of paid time to travel to Rome, Italy. In order to make the most of your time, wouldn’t you research the city and plan your time? Its unlikely that you would simply board a plane on the day of departure lacking provisions for the long plane ride, then arrive at your destination and begin wandering aimlessly in the hopes that you will run across something worth seeing.

Most of us reading the above would never imagine embarking on such a trip without having planned, researched and prepared so as to make the most of the experience.  Most of us would consider it a waste of valuable resources and a missed life experience if we did not make the most of every minute of a vacation like this. We would therefore plan each day, sometimes to the hour, to get the most out of every moment.

We all understand planning and research at their most basic (and fun) levels. We apply these principles to the things that interest us, to the places we want to go and the things that we want to see.

Why do we so often fail to apply these same skills to guide our career towards our desired destination? Isn’t it hard to believe that we often spend more time planning our two week vacation than we do in planning the very thing that makes it possible?

Our professional careers are the single greatest generator of our personal wealth. If we plan them as […]

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What is Disability?

In 2003, Matt Standridge reached the basecamp of Mt. Everest as a member of the Team Everest group – the largest cross-disability team to ever reach basecamp.

Matt says this about disability, “I kind of think that we are all disabled in our own ways. As to being in a wheelchair – yes, I am disabled. As to doing the things that I want to do in my life – no, I am not disabled.”

I believe that there is something to be learned from Matt’s statement.

Perhaps we should look first at people for what they can and have accomplished before we place a label upon them?

Perhaps that which we allow to keep us from doing the things we want to do is the true disability, and not  the physical traits society currently assigns?

Matt seems to think so, and I agree!

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5 Guiding Principles for Improving Productivity and Performance

1) Have an aggressive, on-going commitment to self-education and self-development
2) Have a genuine desire to understand and be of service to others

3) Have dedication to progress, not perfection – and maintain a humble appreciation of the journey

4) Have the ability to manage your actions thru goal setting and time management, and the ability to direct your inner voice thru  Affirmations and Visualizations

5) Have a passion for excellence and a constant drive toward expertise

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9,000 – The W. Mitchell Story

Many years ago I first read the incredible story of W. Mitchell and was changed by it. “It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it” was his message.

At age 28, Mitchell was traveling by motorbike along a stretch of highway when a vehicle unexpectedly stopped in front of him. He was unable to stop in time, and therefore had no choice but to lay his bike down in an attempt to avoid a potentially deadly collision. On impact the bike’s gas tank was ruptured. Mitchell remembered the burst of flames, but nothing more until he awakened in his hospital bed. He was burned over 65% of his body, his face was burned beyond recognition.

Though the initial prognosis was obviously grim, Mitchell endured. He survived a remarkable 16 skin grafts and 13 blood transfusions. Nearly faceless, and fully fingerless, he vowed not to allow this unfortunate accident to derail his life.

This was not however to be the ex-marine’s only brush with death. Now a trained and certified pilot, Mitchell embarked on a flight one cold and snowy day. There were four passengers aboard his plane. During his initial ascent the plane became unresponsive. Bound yet again on a collision course, this time with the rocky terrain surrounding the landing strip, he made the decision to set the plane down. In the ensuing crash, his four passengers walked away. Mitchell did not.

With crushed vertebrae and a spinal cord damaged beyond repair, he would never walk again. This badly burned man, fingerless and nearly faceless, was now confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of his life.

“Before I was paralyzed there were 10,000 things I could do. Now there are 9,000. I can either dwell […]

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America – Lift Your Head Up and Smile!

Walking down the streets in my neighborhood last night I passed at least ten people.

I tried to make eye contact with every one of them, nine of them never looked my way – eyes on the ground as they walked.

Do the same thing in Brasil, and just the opposite will occur. Nine of ten will smile at you and greet you with a cheerful and sincere “Bom dia”, “Boa trade” or  “Boa noite” – depending on the time of day/ night.

From Finland to Italy, from Colombia to Argentina it is much the same. Random strangers smile at you and greet you.

America – it’s time to lift up our heads and smile at one another. The other countries that do this seem also to be  much happier and appear to live more stress free lives.

…I’m just saying.


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Win a Free Travel Mug by Submitting a Post!

Since I began this site in early April the response has been amazing. We recently celebrated our 20,000th page view, registered 11,561 unique new viewers and have well over 100 direct subscribers!

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Want to Learn More Efficiently and Perform Better at Work and at Home?

The ‘Theory of Mind’, adeptly explained by John Medina in his bestselling book Brain Rules, teaches us that we are genetically hard-wired to see the world in terms of motivations. ‘Theory of Mind’ defines our ability to intuitively read and understand the motivations of others. It was acutely  developed (according to Medina and the research he cites) in the days when early mankind was forced to move out of the trees and onto the savannah in order to protect its young while finding food to survive. When faced with great threats (wooly mammoths and such) early man had to work together as a team in order to ensure each individual’s survival. Teamwork, at its core, requires the sharing of common goals and an understanding of one another’s underlying motivations – in other words…trust and relationship. Indeed, our ability to understand and trust others became a fundamental survival skill, and so it remains.

Fast forward to today, move from the savannah to the cubicle, and our basic challenge (in business and at home) remains the same – protect one another from external threats in order to provide a safe and secure home for ourselves, those around us and (if applicable) our families. The context of our relationships play a dominant role in our ability to accomplish this. The more we understand and trust those in our pack (our co-workers, families, neighbors) the greater our ability to learn and function at high levels of productivity, and to stave off the external threats that arise (competition, economic downturn, etc). When trust is undermined, or unnecessary stress is added, it severely compromises our ability to learn and perform – and most importantly to protect.

Want to learn more efficiently and perform better […]

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