You Can Have Everything In Life That You Want…

…if you will just help enough others to get what they want. It is in the service of others that our own dreams are fulfilled.

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Win a Free Travel Mug by Submitting a Post!

Since I began this site in early April the response has been amazing. We recently celebrated our 20,000th page view, registered 11,561 unique new viewers and have well over 100 direct subscribers!

It is time to turn it up a notch. We want more of YOUR stories, and are willing to bribe you:)

Beginning now thru September 9th, submit a POST and we will send you a Second Starters® travel coffee mug!

To submit a POST, simply choose a topic that is fitting to the categories we feature and send your completed POST to phil@secondstarters.com. I will email you back with any edits and/ or suggestions, or simply post your story under your username in the appropriate category.  Be sure to include your mailing address and the username you would like to be set up under in our system in your email!

Soon after you will receive a branded Second Starters® travel coffee mug in the mail in addition to your unique username/ password for future submissions!

These travel mugs are a $15 value, and are in limited supply – so if you would like one please send your story soon! We will post notification on the site when all the mugs are gone.

Thank you, and I am excited to hear your stories!


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You Only Know Your Strengths to the Extent That You Have Tested Them

Take courage from what you have accomplished, and equally as important – what you have overcome. You are genetically wired to be resilient, it is a survival instinct. You only know what you are capable of based upon what you have already accomplished, but have no idea of your own limitless potential beyond this ‘comfort zone.’ Your capacity is often far greater than you may realize. Take risks, face challenges and keep moving forward.

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Be Randomly Kind, Be Extra Appreciative – And Do Something Uniquely Nice For Someone Unexpectedly Every Day.

Many of us would like to donate our time to charity, but just don’t have the extra time to give. We would donate money, but we need what we make and our extra dollars always find a way of spending themselves.

The way we treat others everyday is a way of giving back too. Just being polite and nice to others, taking time to hold the door for the next person – even writing a special thank you to the waitstaff on the restaurant bill counts. These little things matter.

You may never know it, but your small and random act of kindness will change someone’s day for the better – it may even rescue them from the throes of an awful and stressful moment.

Be randomly kind, be extra appreciative – and do something uniquely nice for someone unexpectedly every day.

Most of us live very blessed lives, we should give back and pay forward.

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New Mobile Site! www.secondstarters.mobi

Now you can view the Second Starters® site in a Mobile-friendly interface. Visit us at www.secondstarters.mobi – and be sure to bookmark it on your Mobile device!

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Your Profession Isn’t Who You Are, and Your Net Worth Doesn’t Define Your Contribution

Your profession is just the vehicle to provide for yourself and your family. It is not who you are. Next time someone asks you to tell them about yourself, resist telling them your occupation first in favor of telling them of your passions, and of who you are after the 5 O’Clock whistle blows.

As to Net Worth, only Uncle Sam, Gold-diggers and investment bankers (which are sometimes synonymous with gold-diggers) see thru you to your financial worth. Anyone of substance knows that your values, relationships and personal integrity comprise your true Net Worth in life.


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Results Are Not Made in the Comfort Zone

Like Mike Karpenko Says – “You Gotta Come And Get It.”

The proof is on the scale. 189, down from originally 203, 5 more to go, and I am only in week 6.

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Live a Remarkable Life…

…And Leave Behind No Regrets.

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We Are What We Repeatedly Do. Excellence, Therefore, Is Not An Act But A Habit.

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A Person’s True Character is Revealed in the Face of Adversity…

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