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How to Re-Create Yourself – Pt. 1

Turning 50 brought with it many self-realizations. The biggest of them was that I have just a few less years in life than I did during my 40’s. As I approached 50 I decided that it was time to do the things I’d wanted to, and become the person I wanted to be.

In the past 9 months I have; ended an 18 year relationship with pain medications, maintained an exercise 5+ days per week regimen, lost 10.2 pounds, paid down more than 1/2 of my total debt, secured two Trademarks and (of course) launched this website. To my surprise, each and every accomplishment came easily and naturally. Here’s the secret sauce of self re-creation;

1) Know what you want to keep, change and improve. Create a list of the following;

– The Best – There are things about you that make you unique and special. What are the things that positively define you, what are the things about you that you cherish and never want to change?

– The Bad – What would you like to correct? What things make you feel lesser about yourself? If they are within your control to change, list them here.

– The Good – What are the traits you see developing in yourself that you would like to nurture? What about you is beginning to blossom, and with more care and attention could flower?

Make your list, and look at it every morning and before bed every night.

2) Think about yourself holistically – Just as our work life intertwines with our personal life, our mind, body and spirit all weave together to create the “us” that the world sees. The mind, body and spirit define who and what we are, and each must be nurtured and […]

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Unwanted Sabbatical by Nash

This is my story of being forced into “Second Starter”-dom.  Spoiler Alert – this is not all pretty, not all positive (or negative), maybe not inspirational, but a pretty naked account of my own big bump in the road that I navigated around to continue my journey using my innate and learned skills.  I didn’t die, but there were times I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t.

I was 43 and VP of a major multi national music publishing company.  In the town of Nashville, there weren’t many of these type companies and I had earned a certain degree of visibility and prestige that came along with the job.  Granted, there were a lot of corporate issues that I didn’t feel comfortable with, but I thought that I could stay in this league of employment for awhile, then start my own company, eventually sell that and go to the Bahamas.

July 1 – I was returning from a week’s vacation with my family knowing my fiscal year budget was beginning, so I had a clean financial slate – and a good tan.  I got a call the next day informing me that the VP from L.A. will be visiting me (unusual, but he had family here) so I didn’t think anything about it.  The next morning he shows up with some HR guy that came in from New York and the conversation began as, “We’ve decided to make some changes and go in a different direction…”.  Whatever else was said I don’t remember much of, and from the moment I was escorted out of the building by my friend the building manager to the time I drove up to my house was an eternity.

What would I tell my wife?  Despite a decent severance package, what […]

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Around the World and Almost in Jail in My Forties by Pmac

I created  Here’s a little background on me…

During my forties I travelled the world.

I helped launch an innovative new physical therapy-based diagnostic product with a company in Finland. I found success in three distinctly different industries.

I was the benefactor of corporate downsizing twice (I know, benefactor is a strange choice of words here). I launched three start-up companies.

I spoke as an invited guest at the World Congress of Physical Therapy. I spoke as a content expert in Germany. I presented to hundreds of physiotherapists in Helsinki. I trained and worked with salespeople from more than thirty countries around the world.

I negotiated opening a business office in Brazil without saying a word. I nearly went to jail in Cartagena, Colombia.

I went through a divorce and an unusually bloody three and one-half year custody battle while acting as my own attorney. I both won and lost at single parenting.

I developed an eighteen year relationship with pain medications after I accidentally amputated a finger, and in my forties I severed that relationship (no pun intended). Oh, and I had serious fun. Yes, the forties were good years.

As you can imagine, I have many stories to share…stay tuned.

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