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Results Are Not Made in the Comfort Zone

Like Mike Karpenko Says – “You Gotta Come And Get It.”

The proof is on the scale. 189, down from originally 203, 5 more to go, and I am only in week 6.

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Age is NOT Something That Matters, Unless You Are Cheese

The man was handcuffed, shackled and thrown into California’s Long Beach Harbor. He was next attached to a floating cable, which in turn was attached to 70 boats – each carrying one person.

Battling strong winds, and even stronger currents, the man then swam towing all 70 boats behind him at a speed of 1.5 miles per hour.

The man was Jack LaLanne, and this was his way of celebrating his 70th birthday.

Many of us, just over half his age, could not (or would not) pull even one boat in such a manner. That needs to change.

We are genetically wired to think on the move. Homo Sapiens did not sit in cubicles postulating where their next meal would come from. They were on the move – as many as 12 to 25 miles per day. In our modern agricultural society, being on the move equates to keeping a strong and regular exercise regimen.

If you want to improve your cognitive skills you have but one choice – start moving. Exercise is genetically connected to improved brain function. This is unequivocally proven.

You are never, ever too old to start. And today is a great day to begin.

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Trying to Lose Weight? Simple – Cut Carbs

As we progress thru our 40’s and 50’s our bodies change. Sarcopenia, the gradual loss of muscle mass and strength, begins at 40 and accelerates without exercise intervention. Sarcopenia most affects the Fast Twitch muscles, therefore high intensity aerobic/ anaerobic exercise does well to combat its effects. This makes Tapout XT a smart choice for the over 40 crowd. http://www.unm.edu/~lkravitz/Article%20folder/sarcopenia.html

I have always maintained a strong resistive training regimen knowing the above. What I wasn’t prepared for however was the significant decline in metabolism that I encountered – almost on cue when I turned 50. Throughout my 40’s I was blessed with the ability to virtually shed weight at will. Regardless of how poor my diet was, two weeks of eating according to an eating plan (Adkins, Weight Watchers, etc) and I was back to lean fighting weight. I was more than surprised when I lost this ability shortly after turning 50. I tried several different approaches, but remained 12 – 15 pounds above my ideal weight.

I was lamenting this at lunch with my dear friends SN and LK, when LK explained her secret to maintaining her weight over the years. It was a simple approach with a name that I had never heard. Ketosis – a state where your body ceases burning carbs for energy and begins to burn fat, and weight loss occurs. A simple approach that worked wonders – cut carbs out of my diet and burn fat.  Easy to remember, easy to do on business trips and most important – it works almost immediately. Be prepared for a dip in energy levels the first few days. The good news is that the days to follow find you more energetic, and yes – slimmer.

There […]

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When I Started Tapout XT I Weighed 203…

Check Me Out Now, I am down 15.2 #’s to 187.8. Just a few more to go.

Make no mistake, diet is an integral part of this – and for me that meant cutting carbs below 55g daily and severely limiting sugars.

The program itself however is the driver. I feel better than I have in years, my kick-boxing is at the level of intensity I used to have in my late 30’s.

I’m only at the end of week 5. I can’t wait to move forward into future weeks.

I am very pleased I went with Tapout XT. If you have had successes on Tapout XT, please share your story!

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Tapout XT Week 4 – Results From Around the Second Starters™ Community

Of all the blogs I have written about the Tapout XT program, this is by far my favorite – because it is about all of the members of the Second Starters™ site. I am truly inspired by all of you! (and some of you are just plain crazy!)

One thing is clear – Mike K. says “you  gotta come and get it!”, and that is exactly what  you are doing!

It has been inspiring to me to hear the results that all of you are achieving. This site has always been about supporting the community, and it’s not hard to support this group when they are accomplishing such incredible things! Good work group! Here’s some of the highlights;

Rosie – She just started the program with her husband and another friend, and has been SORE her first week! She has been reading about the results others are getting and is excited to have her own success story. This tells me two things about our friend Rosie – 1) she is committed and determined, 2) she already has confidence in the program and despite the soreness is ready to rock on!

– Rosie – I could barely walk during week one. The Plyo XT fried my legs, and I actually had to take a day off to heal! You will feel much better on week two – hang in there! Keep writing us!

Cassive – He was able to drop 50 lbs. using P90X in the past, but injuries after he completed the program got in the way of his exercise. While healing from tendonitis he gained some of the weight back and was awaiting his Tapout XT delivery so that he can get back to where he wants to be […]

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How Programs Like Tapout XT Work

Turns out memory is not always a good thing. In fact, when you are trying to change your physique thru exercise it is important not to rely on memory -muscle memory that is.

While conventional workout wisdom has held that workout repetition can lead to gains, it appears now that tricking the muscle and muscle confusion are the winning formula.

This is achieved by keeping workouts dynamic and ever changing. And this is exactly what programs like Tapout XT and P90X do.

To learn more, check out the top and bottom links below. And to read an interesting transcript on how exercise changes DNA, check out the middle link.




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Tapout XT Week II – 3 Measures and 2 Don’ts – Pizza and Hangovers

Like many who begin programs like this, I was unhappy with my weight and wanted a body I would be proud to show off at the beach. Two weeks in I am seeing some changes, and they are positive. The workouts aren’t getting any easier, but they feel easier and I am completing more of them. Progress – hugely rewarding!

I wasn’t one who took all of my body measurements before I began the program. There are only three measures that matter to me; 1) what the scale says, 2) what my friends say, 3) what the mirror says. Of these, my mirror is my main litmus test – unfortunately it can’t be fooled with water weight like my scale, and isn’t concerned about my feelings like my friends. So here’s the score after week one – Scale – from 199.3 to 193.7 (score 1 for me), Friends – “you look healthier” (score two for me), mirror – let’s just say that I look in it when my shirt is off a little more often than I used to (not sure how to score this one yet). Last, my pants are now fitting in that grey-zone area between belt notches, which means they are now either a little too loose or a little too tight.

What is a reasonable expectation for weight loss during exercise? Livestrong.com says 3 to 6 weeks to see visible change. They caution not to expect too much before the three-week mark. Doing an aggressive cardio program will cause weight loss, and in the early weeks will make a person look flabby before the real tightening appears. Doing an aggressive weight program that builds muscle means the weight loss may not show at […]

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Tapout XT – The New Fountain of Youth?

I am not a paid blogger for Tapout.

This past Saturday was Plyo XT and Day 9 for me. I have never been a ‘leg man’, always choosing upper body exercises over lower (which made me look a little like a smaller version of the cartoon guy Johnny Bravo). Plyo should have tapped me out. Just the opposite occurred. And it is not the first time…

To set the stage – I turned 50 in April of this year. I am not in Lance Armstrong shape, but definitely in better shape than many of my fellow 50 year old Californians. I am a fervent MMA’er, so when I discovered that Tapout had it’s own extreme workout program I was immediately down. I’d wanted to kick my exercise regimen up a notch or two, this was the ticket.

Day 1 was a ballet of ugliness, so was Day 3 and Day 4. If any Lulu-Lemon wearing yoga practitioners would have seen me they would have recorded me for a yoga bloopers youTube video.

By Day 6 something unexpected occurred – I wanted more. Admittedly, I modify some exercises in Tapout due to injuries (torn rotator cuff, shin splits, etc), but I complete at least 95% of all movements. I finished Sprawl and Brawl, and then headed to my gym for one of the most productive heavy bag sessions I have had in months. Eight hard two-minute rounds. Hard rounds. I hit the steam room and went home feeling 20 again.

I thought this was just a random testosterone dump, but then in Week 2 Day 8 I completed the Strength and Force workout and immediately headed in for another heavy bag session. Ten hard rounds later and another steam room visit I started […]

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Doing Tapout XT on Business Trips – Possible?

I travel quite a bit for work, in fact I have eight consecutive weeks of travel ahead of me and just got home from a trip.

I started Tapout XT last week, and in order to stay with the program I had to do two days of Tapout XT in the hotel room. Can it be done? YES, definitely – but it takes preparation.

1) Test your DVD player/ computer first – I had a tight window to exercise on the first morning, and when I put the DVD into my computer Windows Media and Quicktime would not play it. My fault for assuming and not testing, but I lost 15 minutes that I could have used working out or stretching. RECOMMENDATION – Media Player Classic (http://mpc-hc.sourceforge.net/) is one of many free DVD software programs. Test the DVD before your trip and install a media player (if necessary)  before you leave on the trip.

2) BYOW – Bring Your Own Water – Often I stay at very nice hotels, this was not one of those trips. As I was pressed for time after the media player install, I did not want to spend ten additional minutes going to the gift shop to buy bottled water. This meant during the workout I drank semi-cold tap water. Tapout XT is too intense a workout to do without having the treat of ice-cold water during the water breaks Mike gives you. RECOMMENDATION – Buy water when you check in, or plan time to buy it before your workout.

3) Avoid carpet burns – Many of the explosive plank moves were difficult for me as I began to rub my forearms raw on the hotel room carpet. Epic fail on my part, a little […]

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Screw the Muscles, I Want a Pop-Tart.

I am quickly discovering that exercise is not my issue. My issue is willpower.

A friend told me that having a body that I would be proud to take to the beach is 80% diet and only 20% exercise. If that is true then I am a predisposed pudgy person.  I grew up in the midwest and I am Italian. If you are either you know what I mean.

I am on Day 5 of Tapout and can already see a difference in my muscle tone and energy levels. I still have about 12 pounds to shed, and that means it is time to start watching what I eat. Not easy for a guy like me who can eat a whole 16″ NY style pizza by myself.

Tonight I went to dinner with friends and I was very good. No carbs for dinner, only a plate full of muscles and a salad. Last night, carne asada over lettuce.

To be completely honest with you, I haven’t craved a pop-tart this badly since I was 8 years old. I’m just sayin’………

I once ate 6 Cliff Bars at 2 am. This watching the diet thing is going to be rough –  but I’m committed.

I am interested in stories though, ones that will make me feel better about my little binges and cravings. What is the worst ‘diet foul’ you ever committed?




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