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Ooh My Legs – Tapout Day 3

Awakening after Day 3 I did some sort of disjointed wiggle-walk after getting out of bed. My legs are SORE from Plyo. None of the ‘usual suspect’ muscle groups hurt, but parts of my leg I haven’t thought about since my days playing football are screaming at me this morning! I have enough lactic acid in my legs to power several car batteries. There is no easy remedy or fix for my current state. Lots of water, lots of stretching, a diet of healthy foods and glucosamine. I am about to do Day 4, Yoga. I should film it, because it will be hilarious to watch. I am not the most graceful, flexible guy – even for a 50 year old. Forging on, having fun but sore as hell!

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Tapout XT Day 1

I sat down directly after the workout to write this. I am drenched but here goes.

There are a few things I would like to say;

1) I worked up such a sweat that during planks I had trouble moving to push-ups without doing a sweat-slide – there’s a reason they give you a towel with the kit.

2) Mike is the exercise leader and he is fun, energetic and encouraging. He gives you several water breaks, you will need them – pour at least two glasses before you start.

3) I did not do 100% of of each exercise to the end. I did every exercise movement but sometimes stopped during the last 10 seconds. I have had (minor) back surgery, major shoulder surgery and have a torn left rotator cuff injury. I learned to listen to body – so should you.

I had a lot of fun on Day 1. I may not always write about the day, but I am pushing forward!

I travel a lot during the week, and almost every week – so if I am forced to miss a day due to logistics I will be sure I don’t miss two in a row.

There’s a reason why people emerge from Tapout XT and P90X with killer bodies – they earn them. I can do ten rounds on a heavy bag – I had trouble doing this. It’s a personal challenge to do it now.

It’s on.


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Tapout XT vs. P90X – Part 2 Diet and Support? UPDATED 5/17

As you know from my prior post, I am a 50 year old man and have decided to embark on a 90 day exercise journey. Having met seven people who successfully completed P90X and were literally ‘shredded’, I purposed myself one morning to place the order and begin P90X myself.

I am however an MMA fanatic, and before I could place my order I discovered a new program with MMA incorporated into it called Tapout XT. The MMA component appealed to me, the rest is impulsive history!

I am planning to begin my 90 day journey on Monday, May 14th. Despite my open challenge I have been unable to find anyone 45+ willing to start P90X at the same time as I start Tapout and compare results. I did have a coach from P90X step up, however he has been through the P90X program already so it would not have been a true ‘virgin’ run.

I have noted a few differences in the program already. For one, the P90X team appears to have a very robust support structure. One of their coaches, Keith beachbodycoach.com/kkats, has been extremely helpful to me (even though I am trying a competitive program). He has been a steady supporter as well as providing me nutritional and exercise tips. In fairness, I did receive a Tweet from Mike, the creator of Tapout XT with words of encouragement. Keith’s support has been both regular and ongoing. Interesting!

As to diet, this may be a weak point of the Tapout program. I weigh in at a muscular 203, so in order to maintain energy levels high enough to perform a vigorous exercise program I need a MINIMUM 1,700 calories – however 2,100 is more appropriate. The Tapout program […]

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P90x versus Tapout XT – challenging any 50 year olds!

I have been hitting the gym pretty regularly, and watching what I eat, but still have don’t have the ‘bod for the beach’ I want. Soooo…

I have been looking at P90x for some time, and actually have friends that got exceptional results from it. Just as I was poised to buy it this morning, I ran across a YouTube commercial for Tapout XT (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ktReLjRiaM). It had one of my favorite MMA fighters as the spokesperson, next thing you know I am shelling out ‘a buck-twenty+’.

My Tapout XT program should arrive by April 21 – and I plan to start on Monday, April 30. Between now and when I start, I am issuing a challenge…


I am looking for 1 our more people to start P90X on the same day that I start Tapout XT! And I am challenging you (whoever you are) to get better results than I do on Tapout XT! (I am also looking for others to start the Tapout program with me so that I can get and give some peer pressure.)

We will compare results at the 30, 60 and 90 day marks – and then… THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN…

I need help designing the contest.  What should the winner get? More importantly, what embarrassing thing should the loser do and record on YouTube?

Submit your ideas for our contest here in Comments. Any takers to be my P90x versus Tapout XT competitor? Please write me directly at phil@secondstarters.com!

Tapout XT – http://www.tapoutxt.com/?gclid=CK_ryo7Hsq8CFWM0Qgod-ye7Fg

P90X – http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/p90x.do?code=SEMB_GOOGLE_P90X&s_kwcid=TC%7C17369%7CP90X’%7C%7CS%7Ce%7C20748565414

“50 is the new forty, only with much more back pain.” pmac, 2012


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