Dear Tapout XT crew,

My 20’s and 30’s afforded me a lot of latitude with regard to my healthy lifestyle choices, less so in my 40’s. The 50’s – foggettaboutit. 


When I turned 50 I began noticing that a new group of commercials were targeting me. All were health related. They talked about the increased risks of high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attacks after the age of 50. Couple these with the knowledge that muscle and bone loss both occur beginning at age 40 (which create increased risk of falls and injuries, loss of mobility and general decreases in ADLs) and the need for a commitment to healthy living becomes a no-brainer. It was time to take these commercials more seriously.


There are two common sense core elements to good health – exercise and diet.  I have always maintained a regular exercise regimen, however have not always been consistent in the intensity level of these workouts. This holds especially true for cardio and legs, both of which I never found to be fun. I love to push weights, and most of all to bang on a heavy bag. Over the years (having neglected my legs) I grew a frame not unlike Johnny Bravo. My diet consisted of carbs, cheese, hot sauce and more carbs. Johnny Bravo eventually become the StayPuff Marshmallow man.


It was clear to me that my exercise routines needed to become more cardio intense and well rounded. This, along with a commitment to improve my diet, was my birthday gift to myself.


Having heard a lot about P90X over the years I decided to try it. I am however an avid MMA guy. Fortunately  (and quite accidentally) I discovered Tapout XT just before ordering P90X. I was on the P90X website when my email alert notified me that today’s Bleacher Report had arrived. There were several fights in the works, and I wanted to see the latest on them. I clicked into the story and coincidentally it contained a banner ad for Tapout XT. When I viewed it and saw ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, Ryan Bader, Misha Tate and Leonard Garcia I was nearly hooked. After previewing the exercise segments, and comparing the equipment required for P90X vs. Tapout XT, I placed my order. The main deciding factors for me were; Tapout is MMA-based, it is light and travels extremely easily since it only requires only bands and DVDs (I am on the road two to three weeks per month), some of my favorite fighters were included AND I had read about Mike Karpenko –   knew this would be an strong program after seeing his name attached to it.


And so it began…Day One I weighed in at a pizza-bloated 203, was a size 36 and used the first available notch on all of my belts. Today I weigh in at 189, am wearing a size 34 and am on notch #3. These results are due to Tapout XT, with deserved credit going to diet as well.


Weeks 1 and 2 were tough, I’m not going to lie. Getting to the other side of them is well worth the effort. In week three I began to notice positive changes to my physique. These were great – but not the best part. My energy level post-workout began going thru the roof, and I began feeling much more vibrant. This was truly amazing, and made me feel like ‘a better me’ at both home and at work.


Midway thru week 3 I began adding second workouts in the evenings – and I haven’t stopped since. Completing the daily XT routine began making my body crave more.


I made several modifications throughout the program that helped me complete it successfully. I highly recommend them for anyone over the age of 50 trying the program. Here’s my ‘mod’ list;

1) I drank tons of water throughout the workout, often taking little sips after every exercise. I did not wait for Mike’s water breaks, my body needed water more frequently than that., 2) I completed a full physical before beginning this program. Even though I was aware that there would be nothing health-related preventing me from completing the program, I wanted the ‘before and after’ health stats in addition to weight, etc., 3) I have several pre-existing injuries, the worst of which being a severely torn rotator cuff. In order to prevent being ‘side-lined’ by further injuring it, I was careful to modify some exercises. There is a difference between ‘watching out’ and ‘wimping out’ – modifying exercises in order to prevent injury is definitely not the latter!, 4) Due to travel and long work-days, there were a few times when I began to lose form (and energy) mid-workout. On these days I simply stopped, and moved that segment to next day. I have found that I am far more likely to injure myself when I am low on energy or am sloppy in my exercise form.


In closing, my decision to reward (and sometimes punish) myself by purchasing Tapout XT as my 50th B-Day present to myself is a decision I have will never regret. My body is significantly stronger, I am more alert throughout the day and my energy level is like I remember it being when I was in my early 30’s. I am as tone as I was nearly ten years ago, when I was in the best shape of my adult life. I cannot recommend Tapout XT strongly enough – regardless of age. “Come and get it”, start it, stick to it and get ready for transformation.