I had set my alarm for 8:30 am the night before. When I awakened at 9:19 am in a complete stupor I knew something was wrong.

I was not too late to begin my workday, so I stumbled thru the coffee-making process and took the end result to my workstation with me. I postponed my 10 am call to 11 am, then sat down purposed to focus. It was not to be. In less than 15 minutes I abandoned all hope of working and reported myself in for PTO.

I went back to bed, and slept deeply for two more hours. Something was wrong…

fbtB – The Silent Neutralizer

You may not know fbtB by name, but you may recognize its symptoms;

Mild to moderate – Laundry disarray,  date-expired food in the refrigerator,  partially unpacked suitcase(s) on the floor, general feeling of air-headedness, date-related task confusion

Advanced –  Bills unpaid, spoiled food in the refrigerator, neighbors and loved ones casting glances of non-recognition, loss of work appetite, general non-productivity

Severe – Pictures of you appear on a milk cartons, loss of all desire to do anything productive, bills are 30+ days late, inside of refrigerator resembles a science experiment, undeniable craving for cartoons, ice cream and or chocolate

Frequent business traveler BURNOUT (fbtB) is an imminent threat. Ignore the warning signs and you may end up like me – couch potato’ed with the inability to move, and only limited use of thumbs and right index finger.

For more on fbtB…you will have to wait until I recuperate. For now I am returning to the couch to play XBox.