The CDC states emphatically that exercise reduces the risk of heart attack, colon cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure, and also helps with weight control, to relieve arthritis pain and even reduce symptoms of depression. Despite this clear statement, it is estimated that 50% of all Americans exercise at intervals below recommended levels, and an astonishing 24% of Americans don’t exercise at all.

The number one reason given by working Americans – no time. Between commutes, work hours and family time (oh, and also sleep) Americans have difficulty carving out additional hours to visit their nearby gyms. This makes home exercise the ideal answer.

Web MD lists the five essential components of a good home exercise program. They  include cardio, strength, balance, flexibility and guidance. This would imply that an investment of $300 to $2,000+ (low tech at $300 vs. gym grade equipment at $2,000+) would take away the number one reason for inactivity by providing a suitable home exercise set-up.

I disagree. On top of the above,  Livestrong adds an important dimension to the argument for better exercise percentages in America. They state that group exercise coupled with accountability to a trainer are the necessary final additions to a successful and long-term commitment to exercise.

This, above all other reasons, is why I have so strongly advocated programs such as Tapout XT. For a minimal investment  ($120) Tapout covers cardio, strength, balance and flexibility and couples it with expert instruction in a ‘near group’ environment (the socialization aspect os obviously missing during the workout, however Tapout XT offers a robust online support community of users).

If you haven’t yet purchased your treadmill, weight machine and other home exercise equipment, consider the value of home-instruction programs like Tapout XT. If, like me, you want a heavier emphasis on weight/ resistance – consider the TRX system as a supplement. Combine the two programs for a $320 investment (additional $199 for TRX) and you have a world class home gym complete with instruction and a support community.

One added bonus – you can stay consistent in your workouts even with a heavy travel schedule as both systems are highly portable. I take them everywhere.

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