I have been a ‘gym rat’ for many years. 24 Hour Fitness, locally owned gyms, and most recently FIT San Diego (http://fitathletic.com/sd/). Fit is an amazing gym. It offers a ridiculous number of amenities – including the two most important to me; a steam room and heavy bag room. Like most other gyms, it has an excellent personal trainer program too. So why in the world did I buy Tapout XT? And why am I also looking into buying the TRX system and P90X?

The answers are summed up in two words – complexity and continuity.

Complexity – Over the next 6 weeks (42 days) I will be traveling 27 days. This leaves 15 days. When I return from each of the 4 trips (that account for my travel) I will lose nearly a full day to jet-lag, laundry and errands. This leaves me 11 days. 7 of these 11 remaining are work-days – leaving limited evening time to visit the gym. Put it all together, I have 4 ‘non-complex’ days (non-work, non-travel) to visit FIT, and 7 additional ‘complex’ ones. I do my best , but if my schedule at home gets crazy I need alternatives. Home Exercise Programs ensure that no matter how crazy a day gets (when I am not traveling) I can find time for a one hour work-out thanks to the convenience of working out at home.

Continuity – Like many of you, I try to maintain a regular exercise regimen of a minimum 5 days per week. When I am traveling, hotel gyms are sometimes ok – mostly not. Often they feature a treadmill, an elliptical or two, and a weight-stack machine that frequently doesn’t work. That’s it. I am not a jogger, so I need my equipment. I don’t have the time and logistical planning savvy to research gyms in the towns I visit in order to tohave a back-up for the oft-inferior hotel gym.

Portable Home exercise programs are the answer to my workout continuity challenges when I travel.

For years I used the Bas Rutten audio workout (http://www.basrutten.com/dvd/bas-rutten-mma-workout-cds-and-dvd.html), and highly recommend it for a quick, highly portable 30 minute intense all body workout. It is also excellent for perfecting punching and kicking form – and will definitely improved my reflexes.

My work requires that I travel with a laptop, therefore Tapout XT (http://www.tapoutxt.com/?gclid=CKz-9ICB6LECFUUZQgodwQsAEA) has been an excellent addition. Without the weighted gloves, Tapout XT weighs under 5 pounds, and can be performed in a small space – making it perfect for hotel room.

For me, and for you if you travel as heavily as I do – the perfect answer has been supplementing my gym membership with the two Home Exercise programs listed above. No matter where in the world I am, I can have access to a great workout – and with Tapout XT I get the added bonus of expert instruction and an accountability calendar. And when my time at home gets compromised, I can still get an extreme workout on without leaving the house.

I have played with TRX once (http://www.trxtraining.com) – coming away impressed (and very sore!) My buddy swears by it, and says it is very easy to travel with. Do any of you have experience with TRX? If so – please write in and let us know your thoughts, especially on it’s portability.

And last, but not least, I still have much to learn about the portability of P90X and Insanity. They have been well reviewed and recommended on our site for home use, but how well do they travel? P90X requires chin-up bars and other accessories (?) – have any of you had success travelling while doing P90X?

At the end of the day, I will always maintain one or more Home Exercise programs + my (beloved) Fit membership. I treat my current Home Exercise Program as a life-style workout as opposed to a 90 day program. If I miss a day or two because I am at Fit, no problem. If I want to focus a few additional days on Muay Thai – I break out the Bas Rutten workouts. And when I am ready I pick back up on XT where I left off.

So no – it’s not a dilemma. For me – it’s the answer!