Your personal iCorp represents the single greatest income generator in your lifetime  – yourself. The average annual income in sales is between $73,000 and $82,000. Taking a middle ground figure of $77,500 across the 43 years the U.S. Census Bureau say you will work generates $3,160,500 in lifetime earnings.

Your iCorp is the single greatest earning vehicle you will see in your lifetime, shouldn’t you spend time enhancing and improving it? It is NOT the responsibility of your employers to spoon-feed you your training. Nor is it their requirement to keep you abreast of changes in the market and in technology. It is the responsibility of your iCorp.

The rules that govern your new iCorp are universal, this enables you to learn from all other Corporations. You can study the brilliant and the stupid moves alike. You can adopt best practices, you can avoid dumb mistakes.

Dedicate yourself to on-going education and watch the worth of your iCorp rise!

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