“The journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step”, however unless we decide upon where the journey will take us the journey of one thousand miles may become one very large circle.

Imagine you are taking a vacation, using two weeks of paid time to travel to Rome, Italy. In order to make the most of your time, wouldn’t you research the city and plan your time? Its unlikely that you would simply board a plane on the day of departure lacking provisions for the long plane ride, then arrive at your destination and begin wandering aimlessly in the hopes that you will run across something worth seeing.

Most of us reading the above would never imagine embarking on such a trip without having planned, researched and prepared so as to make the most of the experience.  Most of us would consider it a waste of valuable resources and a missed life experience if we did not make the most of every minute of a vacation like this. We would therefore plan each day, sometimes to the hour, to get the most out of every moment.

We all understand planning and research at their most basic (and fun) levels. We apply these principles to the things that interest us, to the places we want to go and the things that we want to see.

Why do we so often fail to apply these same skills to guide our career towards our desired destination? Isn’t it hard to believe that we often spend more time planning our two week vacation than we do in planning the very thing that makes it possible?

Our professional careers are the single greatest generator of our personal wealth. If we plan them as carefully as we do our vacations we will soon have many more vacations to plan for.