I have been hitting the gym pretty regularly, and watching what I eat, but still have don’t have the ‘bod for the beach’ I want. Soooo…

I have been looking at P90x for some time, and actually have friends that got exceptional results from it. Just as I was poised to buy it this morning, I ran across a YouTube commercial for Tapout XT (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ktReLjRiaM). It had one of my favorite MMA fighters as the spokesperson, next thing you know I am shelling out ‘a buck-twenty+’.

My Tapout XT program should arrive by April 21 – and I plan to start on Monday, April 30. Between now and when I start, I am issuing a challenge…


I am looking for 1 our more people to start P90X on the same day that I start Tapout XT! And I am challenging you (whoever you are) to get better results than I do on Tapout XT! (I am also looking for others to start the Tapout program with me so that I can get and give some peer pressure.)

We will compare results at the 30, 60 and 90 day marks – and then… THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN…

I need help designing the contest.  What should the winner get? More importantly, what embarrassing thing should the loser do and record on YouTube?

Submit your ideas for our contest here in Comments. Any takers to be my P90x versus Tapout XT competitor? Please write me directly at phil@secondstarters.com!

Tapout XT – http://www.tapoutxt.com/?gclid=CK_ryo7Hsq8CFWM0Qgod-ye7Fg

P90X – http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/p90x.do?code=SEMB_GOOGLE_P90X&s_kwcid=TC%7C17369%7CP90X’%7C%7CS%7Ce%7C20748565414

“50 is the new forty, only with much more back pain.” pmac, 2012