There is no finer profession than sales, and the wonderful news is that we are all in sales to one degree or another. If you communicate ideas of mutual benefit to others one or more times per day, you are ‘selling’. If you are concerned with helping others find and meet their needs, you are a salesperson.

Sales, by the way, is not a profession where well-dressed smooth talkers practice techniques to “do on you” to separate you from your money. Sales is not a process of pushing and bullying someone into a decision that they must make now or “lose the opportunity of a lifetime”. That is what con-artists and thieves do. (Having had the benefit of years of Military Police training I learned the elements of a con to always be one or both of the following; pressure to do something right away and a situation that seems too good to be true.)

Sales professionals (and selling is a profession) are focused on finding and meeting the needs of others. They school themselves on communication skills in order to convey their ideas of mutual benefit to others. They are students of people – not to eventually manipulate, but to better understand them and to meet them at their level of understanding. They master techniques that help to remove obstacles (objections) that stand in the way of helping others reach their goals.