I am excited to announce that I am going back for Round 2 with XT.

After I completed it the first time I tried moving to TRX and supplementing that with 2 to 3 XT workouts per week.

It did not go well.

TRX is an amazing tool for travel – especially when I need a quick but hard workout. It began to become routine after 30 days however, and I found myself missing workouts. It is the perfect add-on to a dynamic cardio based program, but for me it did not work as a stand-alone.

A buddy of mine and I are traveling, and we decided to do the Strength and Force + Ab session yesterday. I remember now why I enjoyed the program so much. It is hard as hell, but rewarding and fun. I was drenched in sweat during the workout, and felt invigorated after.

Today I am picking another one to do, but out of sequence. Tomorrow Day 1 of Round Two starts and I can’t wait!

Anyone out there want to join me?