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The New Apple Watch – Staying in the Moment?

It's interesting to me that the new Apple Watch is being billed as the product that will help us all to better "stay in the moment". It will allow us to be more attentive to our families and friends. It will enable us to lift up our heads from the iPhone screen and interact with the world around us more. What a fantastic marketing message. I nearly bought it... In reality, the only way to disconnect from technology and "be in the moment" is to actually disconnect from technology and BE in the moment. Not to add new technology to the arsenal. If you decide to buy the Apple Watch, do so on its own merit. If you want to start staying in the moment, here's what you can do right now - without adding a costly piece of electronics to your wardrobe; Turn your phone off. Use the Do Not Disturb function. Set up Favorites and change your call screening sections. Put your phone away or leave it on your desk when going to lunch. Turn it on vibrate. Put it on the table face down and don't pick it up. There, just saved you $500. You're welcome:) Here's a link to the article I based these comments on.

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30 Things to do Before You Die

This is a re-broadcast of something tom my Facebook feed. I love it! Stop worrying about debt. Forgive your ex-lovers. Stop trying to control your outcome. Look in the mirror and love yourself unconditionally. Leave the job you hate. Find your purpose and live it full heartedly. Adopt a furry friend. Don't feel guilty for holiday weight gain. Trust that everything is in its right order. Travel to the place you keep thinking about. Try something that scares you daily. Be open to change. Let go of your past. Stop trying to change people. Stop looking for answers outside of yourself. Stop thinking you did something wrong. Be your weird, crazy, beautiful self. Follow your heart. Risk everything for love. Reject rejection. See the world as a beautiful, safe, and loving place. See everyone as equals. Give up all attachments to stuff. Recognize the journey is the reward. Stay hopeful and optimistic in difficult situations. Welcome all life lessons. See the opportunities in every challenge rather than give up. Live your values. Inspire others by your own bigness. Play with the world.

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