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Do not underestimate the size of this book.It tells volumes. Phillip shares some great and truly inspiring stories. I encourage anyone to read this book.
Manny, Think Your Age Don't Act It


Think Your Age, Don’t Act it is truly an inspiring read. Phillip Macko provides 16 bits of advice that can be applied to both your personal and business life helping you grow to be successful and happy in all that you do. As he incorporates some of his personal experiences throughout his journey, readers are able to connect on different levels.┬áIf you are searching for an easy, quick read that is both motivating and inspirational, get “Think Your Age, Don’t Act It.” You will not be disappointed!.
Ashley, Think Your Age Don't Act It


Think You age, Don’t Act It is a fantastic and easy read. As a debut author, Phil Macko demonstrates his business skills and successes in a thoughtful and impactful way. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and commend the author for a job well done. Highly recommend it.
Ileana, Think Your Age Don't Act It


The greatest life experience you have ever read about leardership, strenght and courage. Life will be much easier after that. Don’t miss it.
Eduardo Cristmam Padilha, Make Other Greater


This book is very inspiring and makes you want to get up, get out and enjoy life to the fullest! After reading this book you will probably want to climb a mountain or maybe even try to move a mountain! The title says it all! A must read especially for anyone that claims to be bored.
AAnderson, Make Other Greater