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Top of the World Breakout Sessions, Workshops, Keynotes and Seminars
Designed to Inspire and Motivate

Invite world-record setting Mt. Everest summiter Gary Guller and International Sales Trainer Phillip Macko to your next event for energizing and life-affirming keynotes, presentations and interactive workshops. Offered in 2 hour, half day and full day sessions with pricing available on request.

The Underdog Effect: Accomplishing the Unexpected and Remarkable

His team’s expedition to Everest base camp was only expected to make it two days into their journey – they made it 21 days. Only 35% of those who set out to reach base camp successfully arrive – 95% of Gary’s team reached their goal. Remarkable things happen when a team of people are determined to beat the odds.

No matter whether you are the upstart company seeking marketshare or the market leader looking to profitably penetrate key market segments, adopting the hunger and passion of the Underdog will drive results.

Here are the six key take-aways for this workshop designed for high performance sales organizations of any size:

1) The Value in Adversity, 2) The Power of Cause-Based Action, 3) Managing the Inner Voice, 4) Developing the Risk-Taker Mindset, 5) Organizational Tenacity – Renewing the Hunger, 6) Staying Humble Yet Hungry Through it All.

Sherpa Power: Creating an Extra-Step Service Culture

The Power of Collective Will is an unstoppable force. Learn the secrets to creating an extra-step culture through better screening and interview processes, elimination of negative behavioral scripting and creating a cause-based action culture.

How did Team Everest do something that no other team had ever accomplished in history? How did Sir Ernest Shackleton’s crew survive an unbelievable two years stranded in the Arctic death-zone? How was one of the greatest mysteries in the history of art solved? How was one of the greatest paradigm shifts in medical history discovered? Learn the answers to these questions, and so much more.

Here are the six key take-aways for this workshop designed for manufacturing, distribution, retail and client service organizations of any size:

1) Choosing Your Team Wisely, 2) Creating Organizational Selfless, 3) Connecting with Others, 4) Finding the Greater Good, 5) Inspiring and Leading, 6) Unleashing Sherpa Power.

Make Others Greater

To The Next Summit: Expedition Tested Leadership

From Mt. Everest to the Boardroom, from Sir Ernest Shackleton to IBM, join Gary and Phillip in this empowering exploration of leadership skills from around the world and throughout time.

Together we’ll learn the decisions that make amazing accomplishments possible. Understand the sacrifices they take, and accept the risk that came in their wake. And through stories, parables, group interaction and exercises, Gary and Phillip will provide  the tools, knowledge and insight to apply time-tested principles in your own life and help you to achieve whatever you desire, personally and professionally.

We ALL climb our own Everest. This workshop illuminates the path onward and upward.

Here are the six key take-aways for this workshop designed to empower middle through executive-level management as well as leaders of organizations and influencers of others:

1) Keeping An Eye Toward the Future, 2) Creating Organizational Transparency, 3) Managing With Unrelenting Ethics, 4) Understanding The Power of Stimulus/ Response, 5) Thinking Outside the Box, 6) Creating a Vision Bigger Than Your Own

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