Dan Brown’s Next Novel – Featuring YOU

From Dan Brown to Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs (these are my personal favorites) – real life is the three-part symphony played out in the pages of your favorite novel. There’s a reason why we’re drawn to characters in print. See if any of this sounds familiar to you… Act 1 – the main character is faced with conflict or change. They attempt to resist it. Then something happens to throw everything off balance, causing the main character to act. They enter into a quest or journey. Act 2 – The main character faces challenges and struggles. The narrative shifts alternately between hope and disappointment. Often there is a reversal of fortunes, one that presents the main character with unexpected peril or loss. Act 3 – The main character overcomes all setbacks and challenges. They succeed, ultimately becoming a better person as a result. We are all the main characters in our own stories. Those around us witness our lives and tell our stories. Whether the story they tell is one of victory or defeat, accomplishment or loss, success or failure depends upon us. What choice do YOU make?

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Just Breathe – Eating, Exercise and Your Functional Brain

Thank you John Medina for making this so clear. When we eat, food is converted to glucose - the body's fuel. The conversion process creates waste. This waste includes electrons which, left to their own devices, would collide with other electrons - creating of one of the most toxic agents known to mankind - free radicals. When we breathe we oxygenate our blood. Oxygen acts as a sponge, soaking up the excess electrons and removing them (through the conversion to carbon dioxide) before they can create cancer-causing free radicals. The brain, while occupying only 2% of our total body weight, consumes at least 20% of the glucose we produce by eating. This means the brain requires 20% of our oxygen supply in order to "sponge it" clean. Aerobic exercise increases blood flow and (therefore) oxygenation of the blood. More oxygen, cleansing of electron waste. Better clarity of mind. This is one of the many ways exercise contributes to better brain function. For more - read Brain Rules by John Medina. It's a page turner.

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Stop Pushing the Boulder Uphill

It's normal to find yourself fighting through resistance and adversity to achieve an audacious goal. What isn't normal is the feeling that your entire journey has been made swimming upstream. If the entire time you spend in pursuit of your goal feels like you're pushing a boulder uphill, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate your goal.

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Learning to Like Mondays!

If you've read my blog, or my first book, you know that I used to struggle with Mondays. That is until a wise person told me that "if I hate Mondays ten I hate 1/7th of my life". That's a big chunk of my life to throw away, so now every Monday I create little challenges for myself to make the day more fun. Last week I challenged myself to ouse the phrase "In accordance with the prophecy" at the end of a sentence at least three times. I made it to two, but the reactions I got were priceless! You're welcome to join me next week for my next Monday challenge, but whatever you do - make Mondays fun!    

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