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Dan Brown’s Next Novel – Featuring YOU

From Dan Brown to Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs (these are my personal favorites) – real life is the three-part symphony played out in the pages of your favorite novel. There’s a reason why we’re drawn to characters in print. See if any of this sounds familiar to you…

Act 1 – the main character is faced with conflict or change. They attempt to resist it. Then something happens to throw everything off balance, causing the main character to act. They enter into a quest or journey.

Act 2 – The main character faces challenges and struggles. The narrative shifts alternately between hope and disappointment. Often there is a reversal of fortunes, one that presents the main character with unexpected peril or loss.

Act 3 – The main character overcomes all setbacks and challenges. They succeed, ultimately becoming a better person as a result.

We are all the main characters in our own stories. Those around us witness our lives and tell our stories. Whether the story they tell is one of victory or defeat, accomplishment or loss, success or failure depends upon us.

What choice do YOU make?

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