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A Better Version of Me

Topics: Make Today Right. Never Stop Creating a Better Version of Yourself.

Our minds are re-programmable. This is both a blessing and a curse. When we great each new day we have an opportunity to choose. Will today be productive? Will it be a ground-hog day, just a repeat of the last? This is a decision we make, either consciously or by default.

When we consciously choose, our day is ours to guide and control. We decide where it takes us and can build upon that choice in the days that follow. When we make the default choice we allow our day to unfold as it will.

I choose to awaken to possibilities today. I choose to do at least one thing to broaden my perspective – either by learning a new skill or reading an interesting article about something unfamiliar to me. I choose to be happy today. And most of all, I choose to make a better version of myself in everything I do today.


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