The Apple Graveyard Pt. 1

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The Apple Graveyard Pt. 1

Topics – Editing down life. Untethering from “things”. Less possessions = more happiness.

Somewhere between Buenos Aires, Bogota and Miami I must have dropped my phone. I noticed the upper screen was cracked on my return flight to San Diego. I was playing a hidden object game called Secret Society, and when I located the last object it rested just below a spider-web crack I hadn’t previously seen.

Not the first time I’d cracked the glass on my phone. Actually it was the third this year.

I decided while deplaning that I’d spent enough money fixing screens this year. That I would live with the cracks and keep using the broken phone.

After being home for three days and seeing more than enough Apple commercials, I re-entered negotiations with myself. I weighed the $100 screen fix versus the upgrade to an iPhone 6.

As is my way, the iPhone 6 won.  To be honest, the negotiations didn’t last long. Under a minute I’d guess.

Once I finished setting it up my new phone, my cracked iPhone 4s was retired to my bedroom, officially becoming a $400 alarm clock. It sat on top of my previous alarm clock, a $250 iPhone 3. Casting a shadow from above them was my iPad 1 – which was retired when I bought the lighter, faster iPad 2 Mini.

Together, a $1,200 suite of high priced alarm clocks lay to the left of my bed. I knick-named the area my Apple Graveyard. I then impulsively decided to make it an equal opportunity area. I brought in a few more products to show them where they’d all likely wind up one day.

A great big pile of outdated and expensive technology now rest to the left of my bed.

In all, the following items were given the Graveyard Tour; one iPod Shuffle (for my workouts), one iPod 3rd Gen (for my car), my 2nd Gen iPad mini, three iPhones (two retired as previously mentioned), one Apple TV and two Microsoft Xbox 360’s (one broken).

And that was just the bedroom. Clearly it’s time to begin editing down my life.

To be continued…

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