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I quit!

Some eight years ago I began chewing Nicorette gum in an attempt to quick my nicotine habits. Instead I developed a nicorette gum habit. Usually two 4 mg pieces at a time, even before bedtime. Usually 20+ pieces a day.

Yesterday, around 3 pm I realized that I hadn’t yet chewed any gum since I awakened that morning. Literally, a little voice inside said “you can quit today.” So that’s what I did.

I experienced this same “little voice phenomenon” 3 Ā½ years ago when I quit taking prescription pain medication. I was expecting wild withdrawals, instead I simply stopped. My inner voice told me it was time, and in fact it was right.

If you have a habit you’d like to break, tell yourself now that one day soon you’ll hear your own “little voice.” And when you hear that voice, promise yourself that you’ll listen.


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