Learning to Like Mondays!

If you've read my blog, or my first book, you know that I used to struggle with Mondays. That is until a wise person told me that "if I hate Mondays ten I hate 1/7th of my life". That's a big chunk of my life to throw away, so now every Monday I create little challenges for myself to make the day more fun. Last week I challenged myself to ouse the phrase "In accordance with the prophecy" at the end of a sentence at least three times. I made it to two, but the reactions I got were priceless! You're welcome to join me next week for my next Monday challenge, but whatever you do - make Mondays fun!    

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Improve the Success of Your Goals and Resolutions by 50%

Invest 30 minutes of your time, and you'll learn the keys to creating more effective goals and resolutions. Take control of your life, achieve the things you want, live the life you want. Bonus content - 1) why it's impossible to multi-task, 2) why so many miscommunications occur and how to improve. Six Keys to Career and Personal Reinvention

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To My Fallen Friend

  Yesterday was the birthday of my good friend Chuck Hamshaw, who passed away unexpectedly of a heart condition several months ago. Chuck would have been 52. I'm reminded that we never know how long we'll have to spend with the ones we care about, but as long as we celebrate their lives and remember what they taught us, then they'll live forever in our memories and our deeds. Chuck - here's what you taught me - 1) Take time for others. No matter how busy you are, remember to say hello and to spend a minute with the important others in your life, 2) BE playful - find fun wherever and whenever appropriate, 3) Be adventurous - take risks, play hard, do things. Thank you Chuck. I miss you buddy:)

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Don’t Live a Ground-Hog Day Life

(Quick disclaimer - I actually enjoy what I do for a living - which makes this realization much more profound for me) This morning I awakened to that feeling of work-week deja vu. Getting up at the same time, fixing the same morning coffee, and anticipating another day I expected to be the mirror image of yesterday and the day before. Worse yet, acknowledging that I have two more of these 'repeater days' left before I'm free (on the weekend). Life's meant to be lived, celebrated and most of all savored and enjoyed. I reminded myself of that, and purposed myself to make today memorable. I thought I'd share this thought for any of you who may find yourself in a "groundhog day" groove as well. Go do something exceptional today. Make today memorable.

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The Important Counter-Balance to Goal Setting

The pursuit of goalS, without the proper understandings and counter-balances, is purely reckless. This article does a great job explaining why! "In some ways both Santa Clause and The Secret have done us a disservice. Both focused on wishing something would happen and either through the process of writing it down and/or visualization, it is supposed to magically appear. Many management and self-help gurus cite research, reportedly done at Harvard or Yale universities, which describes why only 3% of Harvard MBAs make 10 times as much money as the other 97%--because they write down their goals. The problem with this claim is that no such research study exists." WELL DONE RAY B. WILLIAMS!   http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/wired-success/201104/why-goal-setting-doesnt-work    

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(Almost) Everything in Life is Negotiable

On a particular Friday I awakened feeling stressed. And a little bit grumpy.  I had two looming deadlines ahead, and it meant I would spend the weekend in front of my computer working. Not relaxing, not playing. Working. NOT OK. It's not like me to miss a deadline (let alone two), but having spent the month of October traveling to India, Canada and Ohio I simply had no time to work on these projects until the final days before they were due. Rather than grumpily trudging through the weekend, I made two phone calls. I explained my situation and asked for help and understanding. Both calls resulted in me being  given 30 day's extensions. There wasn't even a problem, the extra time was given gladly. Had I not tried, I would have lost the weekend. More importantly I would have resented having lost this time. Life is short. Time is not meant to be resented - but celebrated. I was reminded that most things in life aren't pre-destined. They're negotiable. Rather than seeing the eventualities I learned (again) to look for the possibilities.    

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