(Almost) Everything in Life is Negotiable

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(Almost) Everything in Life is Negotiable

On a particular Friday I awakened feeling stressed. And a little bit grumpy.  I had two looming deadlines ahead, and it meant I would spend the weekend in front of my computer working. Not relaxing, not playing. Working.


It’s not like me to miss a deadline (let alone two), but having spent the month of October traveling to India, Canada and Ohio I simply had no time to work on these projects until the final days before they were due.

Rather than grumpily trudging through the weekend, I made two phone calls. I explained my situation and asked for help and understanding.

Both calls resulted in me being  given 30 day’s extensions. There wasn’t even a problem, the extra time was given gladly.

Had I not tried, I would have lost the weekend. More importantly I would have resented having lost this time.

Life is short. Time is not meant to be resented – but celebrated.

I was reminded that most things in life aren’t pre-destined. They’re negotiable.

Rather than seeing the eventualities I learned (again) to look for the possibilities.



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