Don’t Live a ‘Ground-Hog Day’ Life (re-broadcast)

//Don’t Live a ‘Ground-Hog Day’ Life (re-broadcast)

Don’t Live a ‘Ground-Hog Day’ Life (re-broadcast)

(Quick disclaimer – I actually enjoy what I do for a living – which makes this realization much more profound for me)

This morning I awakened to that feeling of work-week deja vu. Getting up at the same time, fixing the same morning coffee, and anticipating another day I expected to be the mirror image of yesterday and the day before. Worse yet, acknowledging that I have two more of these ‘repeater days’ left before I’m free (on the weekend).

Life’s meant to be lived, celebrated and most of all savored and enjoyed. I reminded myself of that, and purposed myself to make today memorable.

I thought I’d share this thought for any of you who may find yourself in a “groundhog day” groove as well.

Go do something exceptional today. Make today memorable.

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