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  • ORDER DIRECT AND RECEIVE AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY SIGNED BY GARY GULLER AND PHILLIP MACKO Make Others Greater - From Mt. Everest to the Boardroom: Vital Lessons from Dynamic Innovators, Explorers and Everyday Heroes that Will Inspire the Way You Lead “Too damned fast. We’re falling too damn fast. No choice now. We will stop. And I will die.” Thus begins the wild and wonderful journey that is Make Others Greater. After his near-death experience at Pico de Orizaba, a climb that claimed the life of his best friend, Gary Guller made a decision to keep climbing. His decision was not without cost; to pursue climbing again meant the amputation of his left arm. In the years to follow, Gary would negotiate with armed Maoist rebels, stand atop several of the world’s highest peaks, complete an Ironman competition, and compete in the Marathon de Sables—the world’s toughest footrace. He would also lead the largest group of persons with disabilities to ever reach base camp. Gary would later become the first person with one arm to Summit Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world. From Sir Ernest Shackleton to Circuit City, from IBM to Caravaggio, Make Others Greater combines Gary’s incredible stories with those of leaders and businesses around the world and throughout time to deliver a commanding and inspirational message of resilience and empowerment. Survival alone doesn’t define us. It’s what we learn from the experience that does. We all climb our own Everest. Make Others Greater illuminates the path onward and upward.
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    Five Stars! -Jay Seaver --eFilmCriticIt s one of the first lessons we learn as toddlers: Reach out and touch the flame on a stove, realize it burns, and never touch it again. Evidently, Gary Guller has forgotten this maxim. Guller, you see, developed a questionable sense of judgment that made him feel as if leaving perfectly flat ground and climbing mountains might be a healthy leisurely pursuit. Then, when gravity inevitably won a round, costing Guller an arm in the fall and the ensuing three days spent freezing on a mountainside, the stubborn mountaineer decided to climb Mt. Everest. Guller came up short in that effort, but salvaged a larger sense of purpose in the process. Kidding about the idea at first, he decided to form and lead the largest expedition of disabled trekkers on a seemingly impossible quest to reach Mount Everest Base Camp...and from there Guller would make another bid for Everest s tip and the top of the world. Team Everest: A Himalayan Journey is one of those almost-too-heartwarming-for-its-own-good documentaries...and it s too bad that there aren t more films like it out there in these troubled times. Director Andy Cockrum does a superb job of introducing us to a remarkable posse of memorable mountaineers; paraplegics and quadriplegics, folks with artificial limbs, fibromyalgia, hip dysphasia, deafness, and more, but all sharing the burning desire to achieve the remarkable. Cockrum also allows us to meet the unsung heroes of this or any climb: the Nepali support team and Sherpas who have taken on a bit more than they realized when they signed up for this exhibition. Like the trails the expedition traverses in its 21 day climb to 17,500 feet, Team Everest... meanders a bit in the middle. There s not a tremendous sense of narrative here; no rising drama (sorry) even as some of the trekkers withdraw from the expedition. But that s fine, as this is one of those films in which the people in the story are more important than the story itself. Which is why the inspiring display of the trekkers hearts combined with the inevitable spectacular photography it IS Mt. Everest, after all! make Team Everest... a must-see film for our cynical times. Though not a particularly good film for those couch potatoes with guilty consciences, this serene and compelling ode to the human spirit is more uplifting than the peak of Mt. Everest itself. -Merle Bertrand, --Film Threat

    About the Actor

    Gary Guller- Expedition leader for the Team Everest expedition. He is the first person with one arm to summit Mount Everest and now is a inspirational and motivational speaker.